Kitesurf holidays in Wales

Kite surfing holidays in world class South Wales Wales is a hotbed of kite surfing champions. It picks up the wind and Atlantic swell and has the flat water for those new to the sport. This is what makes the Gower such a diverse and ideal holiday location for both

Peter Lynn – Power Kites

The Hype Trainer is the perfect kite for a day out with the whole family. The Hype trainer is the bold brother of the regular Hype. Next to having some cool colours, it is equipped with a control bar instead of straps, giving the kite a tougher overall look and

Kite types

As the busy Kitesurfing season looms upon us , I thought a short explanation of the types of Kites available for kitesurfing might be useful. There are lots of kites available on the market from a huge selection of brands, but kitesurfing kites can be different in how they fly,

Happy Windy 2013

  Looking to get into some form of Kitesport this year then look no further than Gower Kiteriders , South Wales’ longest standing BKSA approved kite school. We offer professional tuition in all aspects of kitesports from Power kiting to get you started, through to Kite land boarding and buggying.

Brighten up your rainy day – !

To keep some of you smiling – Rainy day – Kitesurfing !

North Kiteboarding – Evo

The ultimate all rounder, the ‘Evo’ from North Kiteboarding is the kite to own if you change your riding style as often as you change your clothes! The kite has a smooth, predictable feel that riders fall in love with, the power delivery is progressive and the kite feels more

NORTH NEO – kitesurf kite

The 2012 Neo is a performance free-ride/wave kite that combines elements of the Evo, like smooth and predictable power development, with the simplicity of three struts into a stylish all-round package. The Neo’s short, round shape and pivotal turning makes it the perfect tool for tight, compact kite-loops. If you’re

If a 3 yr old can do it !

Just check this video of Young brazilian Davi Ribeiro – just 3yrs old ! Gower kite riders can teach Kitesurfing and Kitesports to Children aged 10 , Perents will need to be present during the activity as Kitesurfing is an extreme sport, and adults need to understand all the different

Have some Powerkite Fun

Enjoy the elements and the power of the wind with a Power Kite ! If you’re looking for a new pastime or activity with a hint of adrenaline , then there is no better way than to tether yourself to the awesome power of the wind with a kite. Kites

North Rebel 2013

The New North 2013 Rebel …shows us it’s colours..a legendary performing kite in Waves, freestyle and free ride. The Rebel is the universal kite in the line up, used by riders like Sky Solbach and Jérémie Eloy it excels in the waves and as a freeride kite. It is one