Gower kitesurfing beaches guide

Gower has some fantastic beaches to Kitesurf on, The Gower peninsula is very unique in that it’s one of very few places where no matter what the wind direction is – you can always find a safe beach to go Kitesurfing.


Swansea Bay
Located about an hours drive from the Severn bridge.
Lots of sand at the high tide area but as the tide drops back there are muddy patches and rubble strewn mussel beds.(wear boots if riding at low tide) Swansea Bay
is the most sheltered bay in the area and only gets little or no swell unless the waves are huge. The main drawback of Swansea bay is the large tidal range, which makes
it a long and sometimes muddy walk to the water at low tide.
BEACH Access Points :
Opposite st Helens cricket ground where the Water sports Centre of Excellence will be sited
Opposite Swansea University
Various other entry/exit points near the city.
WATER QUALITY – OK, murky appearance width Tidal push – There are storm drain outlets so watch out in heavy rain as water quality diminishes.
TIDE- Best at MID – high tide -Mid
RIDING CONDITIONS – flat /choppy (swell dependant)
WAVERIDING – only on huge swells

Broughton Bay
Situated at the Northwest tip of the Gower. Access is through Llangennith and Straight over at the small roundabout following the road until you reach the caravan park at Broughton Farm.
From the car park by the childrens play area, it is a short walk to the beach through the caravan site (do not park IN the caravan site)
Broughton bay is mainly a sand beach with large sand spits and shallow tidal lagoons which can shift with the tides. As the tide drops back there are numerous small patches of rocks exposed by the shifting sands to watch out for.
At low water the beach is mainly sandy with some rock outcrops close to the mean middle water marks
Very Tidal (Strong Currents)
BEACH Access:
Access is best via Broughton Caravan Park although it can be accessed by Llanmadoc caravan park
WATER QUALITY – Good, slighty murky at times and weedy in summer.
TIDE- Best at LOW – The estuary to the North is renowned for its fast flowing tides. Best times to ride tide low to mid.
RIDING CONDITIONS – flat/chop/ waves (swell dependant)
WAVERIDING – Fantastic wave riding , best conditions NW at mid tide/high tide and huge swell!

Pembrey beach– ZONED BEACH
Pembrey is a fantastic 8 mile sand beach with acres of space, its location make it a little out on a limb, but this doesn’t stop Kiters flocking to its tidal lagoons and superb variety of riding conditions.
The beach is Kiteable from low to High tide although the best riding conditions are at Low to mid where huge tidal lagoons and spits create a giant playground of riding conditions from flat water
to wave ramps coming in from the Atlantic.
BEACH Access:
Parking at pembrey country park,
BEST WIND CONDITIONS – SE,S,SW,W, WSW – the wind always seems stronger here than other places in the area.
WATER QUALITY – Good, slighty murky at times and flotsam/ debris in the water sometimes.
TIDE- Best at LOW – The estuary to the South is renowned for its fast flowing tides. Best times to ride tide low to mid.
RIDING CONDITIONS – flat water, waves and 8 Miles hard flat sand beach ideal for kite landboarding, buggying and Land yachting.
Local club – www.clsc.uk.net
There is a Flying zone on this beach.

Llanelli beach – North dock
Located 15 minutes off the M4 junction 48.
The millennium coastal park is home to North dock and a good place to check out if your not so keen on waves or choppy water as there is little or no swell window unless the waves are huge.
The car park is right next to the beach with a great Café in the discovery centre and toilet facilities.
The water at Low tide is a Huge long walk , do not attempt it !
Llanelli North dock is best ridden at mid to High tide, Wait for the tide to start pushing into the estuary causing an area of flat water a couple of feet deep in front of the Discovery centre,
as the tide comes in the water gets deeper but remains relatively flat as the Sand banks stop too much chop forming.
BEACH Access:
Access through North dock carpark
TIDE – IMPORTANT !! best on SMALL TIDES (9-10.5M) mid – high rising or falling. This beach can get busy with windsurfers!

Rhossili Bay/Llangennith– ZONED BEACH
Situated at the Western tip of the Gower peninsula access to the centre of the 3 mile beach is via Llangennith village through Hillend Caravan park. There is a shop /café/ campsite which is open throughout the year
there is a parking charge for beach access.
A large flat hard sand beach with a small pebble bank bordering the dunes. The centre of the beach is popular with surfers and bucket and spade brigade. The beach picks up the most swell in the area.
You can also access the beach via Rhossili , but the walk to the beach is a long walk down the hill and the wind is usually a bit gusty because of the cliffs.
BEACH Access:
Access through Llangennith Caravan Park (Hillend)
BEST WIND CONDITIONS – NW,SW,WSW cross onshore, N, S crosshore
WATER QUALITY – Murky appearance due to Lougher Estuary.
TIDE- Best at mid – All tide conditions (High tide :To be observant as beach space is limited) Low tides BEWARE the wreck on big low tides.
RIDING CONDITIONS – waves/chop rarely flat.
WAVERIDING – best conditions S/N/ NW at mid tide

Oxwich Bay
Situated on the Southern side of the Gower peninsula, a large curved bay with easy access at the western end with parking right on the beach. Parking charge £2/ 4
(Snack kiosks in the car park and a shop near the entrance of the car park are open in summer months) The Oxwich Bay hotel overlooks the beach and serves food and drink.
Large flat hard sand beach with no rocks or submerged hazards. Only the largest winter swells make it round to this sheltered bay. Popular with Jetskis, motor boats and holidaymakers in the summer.
Set up away from the bucket and spade brigade
BEACH Access:
Access-Private Car Park
BEST WIND CONDITIONS – S,SE,E – SW,W are offshore in carpark.
TIDE- Best at mid – All tide conditions (High tide: to be observant as beach space is limited)
RIDING CONDITIONS – flat/choppy (swell dependant)
WAVERIDING – only on huge swells

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